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Information for volunteers

  1. Keep the Ward in order, clean and tidy, take care of the property of the center of "Nodus".
  2. A Volunteer must adhere to the sanitary-epidemiological regime: wear changeable footwear, a disposable cap and a protective mask.
    Without observing the above rules, the volunteer will not be allowed in the ward of the patient.
  3. It is forbidden to work with the patient, in case the volunteer on duty suffers from acute respiratory, intestinal, bacterial infectious diseases. The intentional concealment by the volunteer of his acute infectious disease during his work with the patient, shall be considered as a deliberate harm to the patient's health and will have legal consequences.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to leave the patient alone. If you need to go out, it's mandatory to warn a nurse on duty in the Nodus Patients Monitoring Unit with an emergency call button (located on the wall next to the patient's bed).
  5. Keep yourself calm, quiet, do not raise your voice in the Ward.
  6. Keep food, that becomes spoiled quickly, in the fridge in a dish covered with a lid or wrap it in a special food film. Strictly follow the approved Instructions for storage time and the way of packaging of various food items (These Instructions are on the refrigerator in each Ward).
    Keep track of the shelf life of foods. It is strictly forbidden to store or give to the patient food products that have expired!
  7. THE VOLUNTEER”S DUTIES, taking care of the patient, are as follows:
    • Care of the patient (morning and evening dressing: sanitary& hygiene routine, shaving, brushing, nails’ care, etc.);
    • Feeding the patient;
    • Assistance to the patient, incapable of self-care, with the following: the delivery of an urinal, replacement of diapers, if necessary, accompany to the toilet, assistance after satisfying physical needs of the patient);
    • Follow medication prescription and schedule of treatment & rehabilitation sessions;
    • Help get the patient ready for sessions: help him wear compression stockings/socks on the limbs, clothes, assist the patient with seating / moving around;
    • Keep the patients’ clothes tidy and clean. The patient in dirty clothes and with an unpleasant odor shall not be allowed to attend the sessions at the Centre;
    • Be familiar with the medical prescriptions for the patient in care;
    • Transfer all information received for the previous day to another volunteer on duty or to the nurse on the following duty.

The volunteer shall bring a copy of the passport (1,2 pages and the registration form) and give the written consent to the above-mentioned Rules to the Patients Monitoring Unit of the "Nodus" Centre, which is located on the 3rd floor of the Surgery building of the Brovary Regional Hospital.

Only after this the volunteer will be allowed to perform his duties in the ward to the patient.

In case of violation of these Rules, a volunteer may be brought to civil, administrative or criminal liability.

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