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The "NODUS" rehabilitation concept offers a full cycle of medical intervention: from diagnosis to nursing of each patient.

In order to meet the expectations of our patients, the effecient implementation of this Concept at all stages, is achieved through the mechanization of rehabilitation processes, using specialized equipment, biofeedback robotic trainers, computerized complexes of mechanotherapy, portable kinesiological therapy systems, used in leading clinics in Europe, USA, Japan.

The NODUS center comprises an in-patient facility with an operating (neurosurgical) room, an ergotherapy in-patient department, an outpatient clinic, a diagnostic, medical - consultative, organizational and methodological & scientific subdivisions for medical care of the population of Ukraine and other countries of the world.

NODUS provides medical services to patients with the following profile:

  • Acute and chronic diseases of the central, peripheral nervous system;
  • Functional disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • Consequences of craniocerebral and spinal cord injury of various degrees of severity, traumatic damage to the nerves and nerve plexuses;

The following special services are provided at NODUS, according to the own developed method:

  • Performing restorative, reconstructive neurosurgical interventions with placing implants of various nervous structures’ stimulators, magnetically controlled cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt systems.
  • Differentiated neurorehabilitation of patients on the in-patient, outpatient and “at home” basis;
  • Care giving and nursing of neurosurgical patients in the postoperative period on the in-patient and “ at home” basis;
  • Nursing of patients and palliative care of patients with incurable diseases of the nervous system (including neuro oncological diseases) and the consequences of severe injuries, that have led to an incurable state of the patient and manifest themselves as a permanent chronic disorder of consciousness - syndromes of depressed consciousness (permanent vegetative status, permanent state of low consciousness, etc. ) on the in-patient, outpatient and “at home” basis;
  • Medical support of neuro patients, specialized medical transportation of patients / persons with disabilities;
  • Field medical consulting & diagnostic missions: neurophysiological examination: computer electroencephalography, electroneuromyography, the induced potentials evaluation; functional assessment: ultrasound diagnostics of the vessels of the head and neck, transcranial ultrasonography; kinesiological apparatus examination (NODUS vehicles are equipped with mobile diagnostic equipment).
  • Field medical missions: consultations, examination of neurological and neurosurgical patients in other hospitals, in the out-patient facilities of other preventive & medical institutions, as well as at the place of residence of patients.
  • Scientific and practical cooperation with another medical and diagnostic institutions, specialized institutions, social & health care institutions, appropriate authorities on the quality control of medical care to the population of Ukraine and other countries of the world.

WARNING! Medical services provided, drawn up and documented in accordance with the rules of record keeping and the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

With each customer of the medical services (the patient or his legal representative), upon completion of all consultations with the staff of the center, a contract for the provision of medical services is concluded for the beginning of the rehabilitation treatment, which stipulates and all the basic and current conditions for the provision of medical services, the obligations of the parties , responsibility, cost of services and terms of payment.

In addition, for the beginning of medical care of a patient, it is mandatory to obtain a written consent for medical intervention, written consent for the collection, storage and use of personal information of the patient.

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