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High rehabilitation potential and financial inability - how to be?

High rehabilitation potential and financial inability - how to be?

19 May 2017

Many years before the opening of our specialized neuro-rehabilitation centre , the founders of the "NODUS" concept tried to do their utmost to make possible for the socially unprotected people and children with disability with organic lesions of the central nervous system and their consequences, receive treatment and rehabilitation as other patients of the center, able to pay for medical services .

And today the Nodus team offers free, effective, and highly advanced rehabilitation to children and adults, for whom such level of medical care is unaffordable. This our conscious position to make such costly medical services available and accessible to them.

However, we can not admit all those, who need pre-examination and follow-up treatment, since resources of Nodus are limited, on one hand, and the world quality compliance standard of rehabilitation services offered to patients determines the maximum load on the center, i.e. its capacity, on the other hand. An artificial increasing of this capacity indicator means losing the effectiveness of patients” treatment, since each individual rehabilitation program is conditioned by rigid time scale, that justify not only investments in their own health, but also the duration of the full course of treatment of each patient.

We do not practice providing medical care to one patient, reducing the intensity or duration of procedures and rehabilitation sessions offered to another patient, since we are not willing only to attract as many patients as possible, regardless of their solvency. Therefore, we are constantly trying to develop & upgrade the material and technical basis of the Nodus center, in order to increase the share of our medical care provided by us to socially unprotected people.

There is no sense talking in detail how we select patients for treatment, though the main requirement are as follows: the availability of rehabilitation potential, the high motivation of patients for rehabilitation and cooperation with the Nodus team, as well as sharing responsibility for achieving the set clinical goals at all stages of the rehabilitation route. Only with full understanding and compliance with these basic requirements to the patient our team starts working with the patient.

Our experience tells that the inconsistency of the own actions of patients and their relatives, their non proactive position and the reluctance to understand modern approaches to patient-oriented and result-oriented treatment, prevent patients themselves from receiving highly professional and highly technological medical services, more than their financial insolvency.

We are also deeply convinced that the lack of information, the low level of social education, culture, the loss of values ​​and, first of all, the value of health, made various speculations and distortions of types of rehabilitation assistance possible in our society. There is often replacing of effective concepts and methods by misleading fake forms and dubious manipulations on rehabilitation services & results, attracting people with their cheapness, simplicity of use and availability.

This all prevent ill people from receiving an appropriate medical care with proven evidence-based results timely.

However, despite all difficulties and problems that we encounter every day, we continue to implement our rehabilitation concept and provide the most advanced medical care at our own expense to unprotected people.

Our patients gladly agreed to have their photos posted on our web site as testimonials that the attitude "the health is only for the rich" is misleading and harmful.

Moreover, now the state authorities try to coordinate the cooperation of state and private health care institutions, create necessary conditions for implementing high technologies in the nationwide health care system.

And we are proud to be part of this great social Cause!

Here are our patients! Their photos and stories of recovery back to LIFE!

Власенко Олексій
Перфільєв Микола Вікторович
Дядюк Михайло Миколайович
Ярема Ярослава
Кожухар Євген
Срога Марта
Мясоєдов Павло
Козлова Лариса Василівна
Бернацька Олена
Ангелов Олег Савелійович
Руденко Володимир
Самборський Ігор
Коломійчук Оксана
Литвиненко Віктор Іванович
Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців
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