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Achievements of our patients
(*All information, photos and videos about patients are posted only with their consent)


Olga Lazarivna, the 84-year-old resident of Brovary, on May 18, 2015, suddenly felt weakness in the limbs, though had been feeling well before. With an ambulance she was taken to a hospital, where an intensive treatment was started immediately. The patient's condition improved.

In order to continue treatment and recovery of the woman, relatives of the patient addressed to NODUS.

On June 15, 2015 Shulyak O.O. was hospitalized to NODUS with the following diagnosis: a subacute period of acute cerebrovascular flow disorder by ischemic type in the basin of the right middle cerebral artery (MCA) of thromboembolic genesis.

At admission the patient underwent a complete neurofunctional and neurovisual diagnosis. A program of Individual rehabilitation was created (IRP).

At the time of hospitalization, the general condition of the patient is estimated as moderately grave. There is a disorder of the 7th ChMN pair on the left, the phenomenon of motor aphasia, the hemiparesis on the left-side, with its most manifestation in the left hand, practically has reached the level of the plegia. Insignificant hypogemsthetics on the left, a disorder of the vertical postural tone of the muscules. The position in the bed is passive. She can not independently turn over to the side. Depends on the third-party care.

The IRP offered, includes the following therapies: stimulation of the central and peripheral nervous system, kinesitherapy, mechanotherapy, hardware verticalization, Kinetek + massage + exercise therapy + use of functional orthosis on the left ankle joint + development of the correct model of the movement, TMS (transcranial-magnetic stimulation)


Session with Kinetec Breva device


Hardware vertikalization on a vertikalization platform

Hardware vertikalization on a vertikalization platform

Sitting session

Session on the development of the vertikalized walking

Session on the development of the vertikalized walking

Vertikalization session with Balance Trainer

Development of the stereotype of walking with THERA-VITAL

The patient successfully completed the inpatient rehabilitation course, with the following improvements:

Movement activity increased

The stereotype of complicated movements has been developed
Hemiparesis effects decreased

Somatic state of the patient improved

Relatives of the patient insisted on her continuation of rehabilitation on the outpatient basis.

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