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Achievements of our patients
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In July 2019 the patient Yevgeniy A., born in 2004 was hospitalized in NODUS. He was in the acute state of a complicated severe spinal cord injury (SCI) as a result of explosive fracture of С6 vertebra with the spinal cord compression in the spinal cord channel by the fragments of C6 body, linear fracture of C5 body; spinal cord compression at С5-С6 level, upper deep paraparesis, lower paraplegia, pelvic organs functioning disorders. In June 2019 there was corpectomy of С6 and spondilodes at С5-С7. The patient was injured while diving in the see. The first aid was rendered in Croatia.

At hospitalization in Nodus the patient was in the following condition: no movements in lower limbs, and considerable weakness in upper limbs, no control over pelvic organs functioning (urinary retention, permanent use of urethral catheter), inability to sit down and be seated, to get up and stand, hold items in hands, high temperature up to 38.3*С.

The patient underwent specialized inpatient neurorehabilitation according to the created individual rehabilitation program (IRP):

  • Lateral therapy;
  • Neuro electrostimulation, carbon electrodes, СРМ therapy;
  • spirometry, rhythmic TMS;
  • electric stimulation of the median nerves with Neurosoft (cortex, brain stem);
  • working out of the joints with Motomed Letto 2;
  • PNF therapy; manual therapy, general
  • Kinesiotherapy with S-E-T
  • Functional hand & arm therapy with ARMEO Spring;
  • Session with BIODEX 4Pro
  • Verticalization with BALANCE Trainer
  • Verticalization session in walking simulator
  • Walking training session;
  • Navigated electrostimulation (Rehab/Theta/Physio/Wireless/ Professional);
  • Walking training session; occupational therapy, Bisibord;
  • Hardware pressure therapy (improvement of lymph flow and blood flow in the limbs);
  • Hardware verticalization on a verticalization platform with an estimation of the parameters of the main system
  • Physiotherapy. Vacuum massage with BTL.

Hardware pressure therapy

Physiotherapy with BTL


CPM therapy

Hardware verticalization on a verticalization platform with an estimation of the parameters of the main system

CPM therapy


Occupational therapy

Functional hand & arm therapy with ARMEO Spring; Navigated electrostimulation with BIODEX 4 Pro

Verticalization with BALANCE Trainer

Walking training session;

Active and passive rehabilitation of the lower and upper limbs (THERA Vital/ MOTOmed)

rhythmic transcranial magnetic stimulation

The patient successfully completed the individual in-patient rehabilitation with the following positive dynamics:

  • The patient is adapted to the continuous vertical posture without negative vegetative – vascular reactions;
  • The sensitivity lower injury level is restored;
  • Tetraparesis with regressive trend is achieved (it remains in distal parts of the body);
  • The patient is able to sit down in the bed, without assistance, to get up from a wheelchair and walk, propping on a 4-point cane, to eat using cutlery, to use gadgets;
  • Control over pelvic organs is restored, an urinary catheter is removed

The patient will continue outpatient treatment at the place of residence

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців
neuropsychological rehabilitation
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