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Achievements of our patients
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Olexander, born in 1982, on December 15, 2014 was beaten by the unknown. Afterwards with the consequences of severe open trans-cranial brain injury (TBI), grave brain contusion the man had a rehabilitation course at the MEDBUD medical center,.

On April 22, 2014 the patient was admitted to NODUS. A program of Individual rehabilitation (IRP) was created.

The purpose of the treatment was to make the patient more active. To achieve this goal it was planned to intensively develop in the passive mode the volume of painless movements in the hip joints, using the principle of "breaking" and using the exercises of the pendulum type, creating the preconditions for active movements in the lower extremities and the lumbar spine, the surgical intervention on the right and left elbow joints were also required.

The condition of the patient at the beginning of the inpatient rehabilitation course was severe, due to the grave consequences of TBI in the form of stiff contractures in all joints and intensive pain (even at minimal movements) with vegetative manifestations, which forced us to implement a program of individual rehabilitation with certain peculiarities.

The major therapy of the differentiated neurorehabilitation of this patient included the following therapies: the polymodal neurofunctional stimulation of the central and peripheral nervous system, kinesiotherapy in System 4 pro (Biodex), mechanotherapy, hardware verticalization with Balance Trainer, SET. The load was gradually increased. During the treatment the IPR was modified.

The planned cranio plastic surgery was successfully conducted, which allowed to increase the time and intensity of therapeutic sessions like exercise therapy on the mat, session with walking simulator. Due to the insufficient flexion & extension of the hands in the elbow joints (due to contracture caused by heterotopic ossification), the patient had another surgery in order to eliminate the heterotopy, which allowed to increase the range of therapeutic exercises, using hands.

After strenghtening the muscles of postural tone and coordination of the patient, the implementation of the IRP was mainly focused on the verticalization, adding walking with aid of stropes, and then the independent walking with the use of walkers.

The surgery interventions on cranio plastic and elimination of the heterotopic ossification significantly improved the treatment process of the patient and were the focal points of the IRP.

Every time after surgery, in the early postoperative period, rehabilitation sessions were resumed, gradually increasing to reach the maximum load on the patient.

Session with Kinetec Performa


Exercise therapy with S-E-T

Session with Biodex 4Pro

Session with Biodex 4Pro

Development of the stereotype of walking in every day life, with walking simulator

Exercise therapy with S-E-T

Exercise therapy with the Climbing frame

Session of the development of the vertikalization walking

Session of the development of the vertikalization walking

The inpatient rehabilitation course of this patient was 15 months.

Upon completion of the treatment & rehabilitation, there are following improvements in proprioreception, in the work and strengthening of muscles of the trunk and extremities, in the quality of movements with increasing angles of flexion and extension in the elbow and knee joints.

Conducting of surgical interventions and starting rehabilitation sessions early in the postoperative period, allowed to eliminate the syndrome of the trepane skull, and the development of pathological vegetative state. The cosmetic effect was achieved. Removal of the heterotopic ossificate enabled to significantly increase the loads on the shoulders and hands, to actively use them in everyday life, improving the quality of life of the patient.

Now the patient can move independently.

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