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ACHIEVEMENTS of the patient OLEXANDER Zh. (ATO soldier)

Achievements of our patients
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ACHIEVEMENTS of the patient OLEXANDER Zh. (ATO soldier)

Olexander, born in 1963, received a gunshot wound in the ATO zone ( Tonenke village, Donetsk region). Primary treatment was provided in a hospital in Kostyantynivka. From Januray 24 till March 10, 2015 the man underwent an inpatient treatment course in Irpyn Miltary hospital.

On March 10, 2015 the patient was admitted to NODUS for free rehabilitation in the framework of the charitable project on rehabilitation of soldiers and volunteers injured in the ATO zone. The patient was hospitalized with the following diagnosis: consequences of a gunshot injure of soft tissues of the upper third of the right and left hips.

At admission the patient complained of periodic pain in the injured area of the right and left hips, the inability to move the leg, the impossibility of flexion/extension of the leg in the knee joint, weakness and pain in the axial resistance to the left leg, the impossibility of walking, numbness of the left foot.

A program of Individual rehabilitation (IRP) was created.

During an examination of the patient at NODUS, the infectious complications in the form of an abscess / phlegmon of the left hip had been found. The wound treatment & bandage was made, during this manipulation some pus swab was taken, and immediately transferred for a microbiological investigation. The patient agreed to a surgical intervention to revise the wound and remove the abscess / phlegmon of the hip, instead of making bandages. On March 11, 2015, a surgery was conducted on the removal of abscess of the left hip, the cavity drainage. In view of all this, the clinical diagnosis was updated as follows: the deep abscess of the left hip, as a result of a penetrating gunshot bullet injure of soft tissues of the upper third of the left hip complicated with post-traumatic sciatic nerve contusion (the central region).

To eliminate the infectious complications of the wounding, a surgery and NPWound-therapy were provided with positive results. The inpatient rehabilitation course was started in accordance with the IRP.

Kinesiological session with Biodeх 4 Pro

Physiotherapeutic session with magnet, BTL

Session for active and passive rehabilitation of the lower and the upper limbs (THERA-Vital)

Machine dosed walking in the MILL&MILL TRACK system

Session on the development of the correct stereotype of walking

The patient successfully completed the inpatient rehabilitation with the following positive results:. 

  • Eliminated of infectious complications in the post- operative region of the left hip and healing of the wound by secondary tension, reducing the pain syndrome.
  • Increased muscles’ strength in the legs.

  • decreased manifestations of vegetative dysfunction during therapeutic sessions;

  • improved stereotype of movements of the left leg

  • eliminated contracture in the left knee joint

  • ability of the independent walking for a long distance (with the correct stereotype of walking and movements’ pattern)

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців