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ACHIEVEMENTS of Maxim D, the NODUS patient

Achievements of our patients
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ACHIEVEMENTS of Maxim D, the NODUS patient

Maxim D., born in 2007, in November of 2015, as a result of an accident, suffered serious injuries while passing the pedestrian crossing. An ambulance delivered the boy without consciousness to a hospital. He was treated in the childrens’ hospitals No. 2 and No 7 in Kyiv.

In February 2016 Maxim was admitted to NODUS for additional examination and creation of an individual rehabilitation program (IRP).

During the hospitalization, the patient with impaired consciousness. He could not speak, walk or react even to parents, besides, the situation was complicated by epileptic attacks.

The patient had the inpatient rehabilitation treatment.

The rehabilitation treatment was offered in accordance with the individual rehab program (IRP), including the following: СPM therapy Kinetek Breva; neurolectomiostimulation, hardware verticalization on the verticalization platform with evaluation of parameters of main systems; therapeutic rhythmic transcranial and transvertible magnetic stimulation; kinesiotherapy on the S-E-T system; manual therapy session; Exercise therapy; electrical stimulation of the middle nerves ("Neurosoft") (brain stem, cortex).

At NODUS Maxim received TEN rehabilitation courses, three of them FOR FREE.

The patient had been successfully undergoing the following rehabilitation course with the positive dynamics, as is:

  • the strength of the limbs muscles increased;
  • Spasticity decreased by 4 points as per Ashworth scale;
  • the progressive occlusive internal hydrocephalus is eliminated;
  • the patient is adapted to the seated position;
  • the hemodynamic negative changes to verticalization decreased;
  • the volume of passive and active movements in the limbs has increased.

However, the mother and relatives of the patient, refused to continue the inpatient rehabilitation treatment at NODUS, due to the financial problems and insisted on the patients’ discharge from the centre.

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців
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