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ACHIEVEMENTS of the patient С.

Achievements of our patients
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ACHIEVEMENTS of the patient С.

I want to talk about patients who are in coma for a long time and then progress to long-term post-comatose disorders of consciousness. It is very painful especially when these patients are children! Although the situation with adults is not particularly different, children suffer even more from harsh and meager prospects for recovery of consciousness . Regretfully this reflects the whole system of neurorehabilitation in the heart of Europe . While "the money follows the patient", in the corridors of intensive care units parents still face the same questions: "Will my child be able to move again? "... and they are appalled hearing silence from doctors. Do such patients need more time or just stay at home to recover? Are these children doomed to eternal darkness? Do you hear about them ? Do you see these children on the playgrounds , in strollers or wheelchairs ? NO! At best, they lie quietly at home confined to functional beds that parents cram into their living space to reduce their child's suffering and to ease daily care... and wait, quietly wait for the end. How to convince that nowadays professional early medical rehabilitation can change the destiny of such patients? How to make these children visible to society? How to make clear that even horrible prognosis might have and do have clinical positive prospects? How to change the paradigm in the minds of doctors that every boy like Cyril in the photo below should be given a chance, because there is not just some hope of despair, but quite often a real opportunity to have a fulfilling LIFE!

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців
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