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An intrathecal pump for drug infusion has been implanted by the NODUS team for the FIRST time in Ukraine!

An intrathecal pump for drug infusion has been implanted by the NODUS team for the FIRST time in Ukraine!

15 July 2019

«Often saying "for the first time" we are quite subjective, attributing an exclusivity status to something personal. But I know for sure this is not the case! Today my team and I have carried out a surgery implantation of a programmable intrathecal pump for drug infusion in a neurological patient with resistant spasticity and chronic non-cancer pain. Such surgical intervention has been done for the first time in independent Ukraine!

For the first time an official Medtronic (USA)! For the firіе time an official Sinchromed II! For the first time this advanced technology has been used in a Ukrainian clinic, though it has been applied in the world since the 80th of the XX century!

Until now our compatriots had to go abroad to receive such assistance with the intrathecal pump implantation and had to travel regularily abroad afterwards!

Moreover, the need for this intrathecal pump therapy has long been awaited in Ukraine, since there are many children with spastic lower diplegia and thousands of adults with central spasticity and intolerable pain after various injures have been suffering without advanced pain treatment method. Since the beginning of war in the East of Ukraine the number of such patients has grown.! Many reliable scientific researches show that 80% of patients have proven positive clinical result after intrathecal pump implantation!

"The cure on the tip of a needle" as Spanish neurosurgeons say about this technology. Once they tought us how to use this treatmet therapy and now this technology is officially avaliable in Ukraine!

It is symbolic, that Vadim Ushakov, a gravely injured ATO veteran, was the first patient to receive this advanced treatment in Ukraine.

It is great that an incredible People's Project team and patriots all over the world raised their donations to buy the pump for Vadim.
It is exciting that we - Nodus have been able to accumulate resources to carry out this surgical intervention for free, and the medical staff of Brovary Regional Hospital headed by Valentyn Bagniyk, contributed a lot on their part as well!
We would like to thank Ruslan Deynychenko and Oksana Lihostova from Chas Time of the Voice of America for shooting the surgery and all around it in order to let Ukraine learn about this unique event!

People say that we make the history! Who knows?! But the one thing is obvious, since today the possibilities of the Ukrainian Neurosurgery will never be as they were yesterday."

Olexandr Kulyk, Director, NODUS

On 15th July, 2019 the Nodus surgery team of Olexandr Kulyk, Volodymyr Ushakov, Kostyantyn Ivaschenko, Oksana Yarmolenko, Mariya Zinchenko , with participation of Ludmyla Kovalevych, Andriy Dotsenko, Nadiya Frolova from Brovary Regional Hospital have carried out the implantation of the intrathecal drug infusion pump for the FIRST time in Ukraine!


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