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“NODUS received the status of “The Child-Friendly Hospital”!

“NODUS received the status of “The Child-Friendly Hospital”!

6 March 2020

“The Child-Friendly Hospital” initiative was launched by WHO/UNICEF in 1991, following the adoption of the Inocent Declaration (1990). The global goal of this initiative is to introduce practices aimed at protecting, promoting and supporting motherhood at the global level.

Today , after a long thorough preparation of our clinic and undergone successful certification by a representative of the Monitoring centre for the implementation of projects on health care of children & mothers, established with the support of the UN /UNICEF Children’s Fund under the “OHMATDIT” National specialized hospital of Ukraine, NODUS received the status of “The Child-Friendly Hospital”. It means integration of Nodus clinic into the worldwide community of health care institutions, that support and promote this initiative.

It seems what such an initiative might have in common with a neurosurgery & neurorehabilitation clinic, as long as not even a hundred newborns and their mothers come to Nodus in a year? However, pregnant women suffering from epilepsy and taking anticonvulsants, women diagnosed with epilepsy, who have just given birth to a baby, do not know whether they can keep breast feeding, women taking anticonvulsants – they address to us for help. These women come to Nodus.

Do you think that the pharmacological correction of epilepsy in a woman is always a contradiction to the breastfeeding of her baby? Everyone familiar with this subject knows well that it is quite a difficult issue to discuss with pediatrics and obstetrics, not to mention its ethical side.

This is not a popular and showed off side of the motherhood. And now the Nodus team with 10 years of practical experience will share the knowledge gained in this field.
Today, according to the Nodus Declaration, our clinic is joining the world community , following the Goals of Sustainable Development , officially approved by the UN General Assembly. Implementation of this initiative promotes informing of the population about healthy lifestyles, prevention of the nervous system diseases, timely treatment of nervous disorders, prevention of morbidity of children in order to preserve the health of the nation

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