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THE BEST EMPLOYEES of the NODUS Centre in 2017!

THE BEST EMPLOYEES of the NODUS Centre in 2017!

16 January 2018

Найкращі співробітники центру 2017 року!

It has already become a good tradition every year to support and encourage the Best employees of the Nodus clinic, according to the results of a comprehensive questionnaire, based on an analysis of personal production efficiency, in compliance with corporate norms.

Today we are pleased to announce the best employees of the NODUS in 2017, who have been recognized and rewarded with precious gifts for their attentive and caring attitude towards patients, exceptional performance of their professional duties:

Oksana Yarmolenko – Chief nurse

Vita Kudrya – Medical services quality control system and corporate policy manager

Dmytro Marchenko – anesthesiologist

Sergiy Kizim – Senior physical therapist

Sergiy Pulym – Masseur, nurse man

Mykola Semenyuk – Nurse man

Viktoriya Teplyuk – Nurse

Olena Kisarets – Assistant nurse

Vitaly Novyk – medical transport & ambulance driver

We are grateful to our employees for their outstanding performance and human qualities.

We thank our colleagues, who make an example to follow for us every day!

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