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7 December 2021

Dear friends!
You have probably been used to learning from me about various patients' stories and subjects that I often have to deal with as a neurosurgeon, though sometimes I face tasks that are quite far from my profession. Today is another such case!

Here is  Gretta. She is an Angel, though in wool and with a tail. Today we used medical 3D modeling and scanning with TechMed 3D technology to help this dog . The same technology was used for the development of Pilgrim-I, the first Ukrainian bionic exoskeleton to be presented at the World Expo in Dubai 2022.

We apply human innovative technologies for our pets , since "We are of the same blood!"

Recently Gretta, defending her mistress in an unequal fight with another dog, due to human carelessness and irresponsibility, lost her right front paw. Unfortunately, it had to be amputated with total exarticulation at the level of the scapula. As this breed of dog has a very vulnerable pelvis, the lack of proper redistribution of gravitational loads will be harmful in the long run, even if it adapts to walking on three legs!

We are glad and proud that the owner of this beauty addressed us to try to do everything we do best for people, do this for Gretta in order to increase her functionality and prevent further motor complications by developing an individual paw prosthesis!

We did our best and managed to achieve the clinical goal again!
The first prosthesis has a temporary support platform, so that Gretta can learn to redistribute her body weight and not to forget what it's like to prop on four points (paws).  In the future, when she learns this, we will change her support platform to a "running" version of prosthesis, because these dogs are very mobile and the right movement for them is of prime importance.

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