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2 November 2017

Мобільність для життя

A few days before, rejoicing in the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the founding of Nodus, we have much talked about the social responsibility of business in Ukraine, about our real conditions and environment in which Charity has to be implemented, as well as about the legislative climate in which the filantropic willingness to help those other in need, is to be cherished in Ukraine.

And yesterday, we witnessed and participated in a very special event, that demonstrated once again, that socially responsible people of business , capable of making strong decisions , finding appropriate solutions, having overcomed all the obstacles and challenges , have finally managed to complete their charitable mission and bring it to the outstanding result!

The usual story for our lands, you say! Not at all and that's why.

This time, one mass media revolutionary Social project, which made a wide circle of people listened to the needs of injuired ATO Heroes , and comprehensively highlighted the invincible spirit of a Ukrainian soldier, SUPPORTED another Social project, being implemented by a private clinic for the fourth year of war in the East of Ukraine, with no support from the government or state institutions, or any other considerable stand by funding. This exceptional media social project could have focused the attention of potential sponsors only on their own project needs! Since they have been fundraising for innovative prosthetics for amputated ATO fighters, in need of daily care and support. BUT! Instead, this famous media project stood up for Nodus, for those severely injured (soldiers with brain , spinal cord traumas) warriors, undergoing specialized treatment and protracted rehabilitation within the framework of the Nodus Charity project, decided to support those brave men, doomed to unconscious existence with poor prospects of any future and Life at all.

Yes!, everyone probably guessed that it was “PEREMOZHTSY”( VICTORS) Ukrainian media project , the creators of this project! Thanks to their supportive position of Nodus, it was decided to help the Nodus Charity project at Porsche Ukraine LLC, an importer of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brand in Ukraine. Handing over a brand new appropriately equipped medical vehicle to NODUS, Mr David Lishka, Director, wished to give a good example of the social responsibility, to be followed by otherr large car dealers active in Ukraine. The motto "Mobility for Life" is in line with the “Peremozhtsy” and Nodus visions, uniting us all, since there is no barrier to the Good, for help, for recovery, because we all together make this world more and more barrier-free!

My deepest respect to Mr David Lishka, Mrs Solomiya Vitwitskaya, Mrs Lyudmila Mikhno, Ms Anna Gvozdaryar, Ms Kateryna Chestyakova and others who made this miracle happened yesterday in the hospitable facility of the Volkswagen "Porsche-West". Because yesterday there was not just a gathering of partners, running charity activity, but another VICTORY of the REAL DEEDS FOR THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF UKRAINE! This is something that has never been before, so that Ukraine is not just a geographic center of Europe!

Another specialized vehicle, equipped for transporting patients with special needs,wounded Defenders of the Fatherland, undergoing neuro-rehabilitation within the framework of the Nodus Charity project, will run on the roads of Ukraine, bringing about recovery, bringing back to Life!

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців