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Katya Сhilly at NODUS! With our warriours! With us!

Katya Сhilly at NODUS! With our warriours! With us!

23 February 2020

On Fenruary 20th, 2020 we are witnesses of that Ukraine keeps reviving, showing the whole world that we all have been uniting and striving to be together in order to ease the pain, to accept it and share it.

We strive to support each other, to inspire, to help and rescue , meanwhile somebody has decided to convince us that Ukraine does not need Ukrainians, though Ukrainians' blood spilled on the Maidan six years ago.

Hearts of your patriots, sons and daughters of Ukraine are together today.

Katya Chilly is with our warriours, with us at Nodus!

«We have to laugh, to be cheerful- this is our force…. Let us grow from our roots! The world needs the alive! Ukraine has been awakening!»

#KatyaChilly 20.02.2020

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