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Brovary Hospital anti-COVID-19 medical checkpoint

Brovary Hospital anti-COVID-19 medical checkpoint

31 March 2020

Броварський штаб протидії COVID-19

On March 30-31,2020 a 24-hour duty at Brovary Hospital anti-COVID-19 medical checkpoint was the first shift for our team of 26 volunteers!

Although the morning storm of our "green" corridor entrance by patients and hospital employees , and a tire of the Nodus ambulance on the night duty cut by one of our "supporters", were to demotivate us, however, the morning fresh snow in March cheered us up and encouraged to endure !

Once we made up the statistics of the 24-hor duty, monitoring and channelling the patients to the "green" and "red" checkpoint zones , our mood has improved!

For 24-hours 621 patients went through the "red" and the "green" corridors, being checked and sorted, as required. In the result, only 147 patients were allowed to cross the check line of Brovary hospital to proceed further for specialised medical care! Other 474 patients with insignificant symptomps and temperature below 38 Celsius were directed to family doctors!

In such a way, over the first 24-hour of our anti-Covid-19 checkpoint at work, we managed to reduce an infectious overload on the hospital staff and facilities by 3 times!

Infected patients were directed to the hospital, as required by the Ministry of Healthcare under the Quarantine!

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