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Achievements of our patients
(*All information, photos and videos about patients are posted only with their consent)


Anastasiya Z., born in 1993. On November 22, 2015, she was run over by a car. The girl with grave injuries was delivered to the the Intensive Care unit at the First Aid Hospital in Kyiv. In January 2016, the patient was transferred to the II neurosurgical unit.

In February 2016 she was admitted to NODUS for further treatment and rehabilitation.

At admittance to NODUS the patient had:

  • cramps;
  • osteotomy of hip joints;
  • disorders of consciousness;
  • high muscles’ tone;
  • weight loss;
  • contractures of the joints;
  • a wound on the right shin;

During the period of inpatient treatment, intensive neuro-rehabilitation in accordance with the developed individual rehabilitation programe (IRP), the patient showed an impressive positive dynamics in terms of consciousness, the neurological status and social behavior.


Therapeutic rhythmic transcranial and transvertible magnetic stimulation

Lateral therapy

Lateral therapy

Adaptation to increasing loads during rehabilitation sessions

Shock wave therapy

Vertikalization session with Balance Trainer and Guldmann lifting system

Electrostimulation of median nerves (Neurosoft)

S-E-T exercise therapy

Developing the stereotype of the movement with the walking simulator

Sitting in a wheel chair

By the time of discharge from NODUS the patient has achieved the following:

  • The patient has began to recognize relatives, to differentiate emotional reactions, to speak few words. She has become much more active.
  • Minimized manifestations of pseudobulbar syndrome - decreased salivation, swallowing partially restored .
  • Minimized level of spasticity in all limbs.
  • Directed movements , especially in hands, appeared. Primarily in response to excessive stimuli and on a request.
  • Increased postural behavior, restored horizontal and vertical postural tone, restored all vertical postural reactions.
  • Daily adaptation of the patient to sitting in a wheel chair, standing in a verticalizer with stable hemodynamic parameters .
  • Increased angle of passive bending in all joints.
  • The patient has gained weight. The manifestation of neurotrophic syndrome decreased.

Despite positive results, the mother and relatives insisted on termination of successful neuro-rehabilitation due to financial difficulties.

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