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Achievements of our patients
(*All information, photos and videos about patients are posted only with their consent)


On the 5th of March, 2017 Mykyta had a road accident. In the result of this, the boy received a grave combined cranio-skeleton-torako-abdominal trauma. The patient was hospitalized to Odessa City Hospital #1, where he undergone surgeries and received treatment at the Acute Unit.

On the 19th April, 2017 the patient in a grave unstable condition was admitted to Nodus for the in-patient rehabilitation: he required constant supply of moistened oxygen through a tracheostomy tube, there was no any contact with the patient, since the boy was had the post-coma unconsciousness (hyperkinetic mutism), a grave tetraparesis with complete absence of active movements in the left limbs, had multiple trophic wounds, could not swallow himself ( he was feeded through a nasogastric probe)

The following surgery interventions were done at NODUS:

  • 26.05.17 dismantling of AZF; open reposition of debris of the middle third of the left tibia, fixation of MOS with a intramedullary blocking rod
  • 18.10.17 excision of the scar deformed area of skin on the neck
  • 01.02.18 dynamization of the intramedullary locking rod of the left tibia.

Verticalization with EEG

Manual therapy session

Active and passive rehabilitation of the lower and upper limbs (THERA Vital)

Verticalization session in walking simulator

Kinesiotherapy with S-E-T

Session with BIODEX 4Pro

Functional arm & hand therapy with ARMEO Spring

Machine dosed walking in the MILL & MILL TRACK system

Session in the complex of virtual visual reality with biological feedback with MOVE sensors

Kinesiotherapy in a closed loop (ORBITRACK)

The patient successfully completed the individual in-patient rehabilitation course with the following positive dynamics:

  • Consciousness level improved from the post-coma state to the clear consciousness.
  • Muscles strength in limbs increased from D-2 points, S-0 pints up to D-5 points, S-4 points
  • Trophic wounds healed
  • the patient is adapted to stay in a vertical position-overcoming vegetative-vascular reactions to change the position of the body
  • hemorrhagic purulent endobronchitis successfully treated and the dependence on the constant insufflation of hydtrated ohygen is eliminated (decanulated)
  • the replacement of the left tibial fracture fixation method was carried out, that enabled the patient to continue rehabilitation
  • the abnormal position of extremities eliminated
  • the psycho-emotional status of the patient, memory, attention improved
  • surgical removal of the cosmetic and functional defect of the scarred skin of the front of the neck made
  • speed of walking increased up to 5.0 km per hour and without support on the hands up to 3.0 km per hour on a treadmill, steps are symmetrical
  • muscle strength of the body increased, the vertical postural tone improved to the physiological status
  • the patient is able to walk on a flat surface up to 300 m without external assistance and using an orthosis on the tibia joint
  • the coordination of movements improved, the manifestations of ataxia reduced singnificantly
  • then voice, respiratory, articulation, modulation, and rhythmic melody of speech achieved.

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців
neuropsychological rehabilitation
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