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An innovative neuromodulation training course in Cadiz, Spain

An innovative neuromodulation training course in Cadiz, Spain

1 April 2019

Cadiz – an ancient fortress dating back to 3000 years. According to legends, Hercules made two of his twelve feats at this place, and Columbus ventured to discover America from Cadiz!

During two days in Cadiz Ruslan Pidhayetsky, my colleague-neurosurgeon and I were discovering practical secrets of the latest achievements in interventional neuromodulation at the leading Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar in Spain.

Under the guidance of Sr Lopez Lopez Jose Antonio, a renowned professor neurosurgeon, a “guru” of neuromodulation, we underwent a unique practical training in the framework of the ESMT 2019 European course: "Intrathecal Therapy for Advanced Users: a tutorial for the surgical team": we made a series of surgical interventions and mastered the latest theoretical approaches in the invasive treatment of resistant neuropathic pain," malignant "resistant central spastics, pathological limb positions, and other neurogenic pathologies in severely ill patients after injuries, strokes and with oncological diseases!

Mild Atlantic climate and the hospitality of local physicians allowed us to plunge into the neurosurgery ocean “on the edge of the world”! That's why the time went by so fast!

We would like to Thank Sr José M Trinidad , an outstanding anesthetist of the clinic for his mega professional and dynamic anesthetic support, providing anesthesia at the BIS 30-40 depth index, that helped us a lot to control the surgery situationsmoothly during each surgical intervention.

Besides, it was incredibly touching to feel the support of a surgical team of hospital nurses!

We are grateful to Medtronic USA and the Iridium company, its products distributor, that offered us the unique opportunity to undergo such an exclusive practical training.

"Well, a new professional level has been achieved! It must be quite symbolic that this breakthrough happened right at this place!"

Olexandr Kulyk

NODUS, Director

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