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19th MAY 2018 – the Day of Europe, the Day of Science, VELODEN (the Bikes’ day) in BROVARY!

19th MAY 2018 – the Day of Europe, the Day of Science, VELODEN (the Bikes’ day) in BROVARY!

20 May 2018

May 19, 2018 the Day of Europe, the Day of Science, VELODEN in Brovary!

And all these Days became ONE SINGLE celebration for us today- THE TRIUMPH OF SPIRIT, FORCE, NATIONAL DIGNITY AND JUSTICE! Although the weather forecast predicted rain showers, the Lord has probably heard our sincere prayers and gave us the sun on the way!

I understand that most of you, who came with a bike to participate in the bike marathon, felt elevated, because of love for a two-wheeled friend and extraordinary bicycle skills, you were enthusiastic and full of energy. I am sure, that what you saw today, will remain in your memory as a particular Day!

Because for the first time in Ukraine the NODUS team, represented by gravely wounded the ATO participants, those men, that had not recently been able to move neither their feet, nor hands, could not speak, some of them had been unconscious or bed-ridden, were among participants of this unusual bike race. Now, as they have been undergoing the last stage of their tailored neuro-rehabilitation, they are capable of riding special bikes, made-to-order, taking into account their actual physical capabilities, so they can ride a race distance together with other participants. And they did it, even by 30 min earlier, as had been planned. The Nodus staff supported these brave warriors riding bikes.

Since August 2014 until now the Nodus team has brought back 160 severely wounded Heroes back to Life in the framework of the Nodus Charitable project. We have made possible recovery of those, who had miserable prognosis to live at all. This negative health forecast did not come true much like as the weather forecast for today.

For the fifth year of war I have been observing quite a strange situation, when the Ukrainian society has focused its attention and care on the wounded soldiers, who had lost their limbs and require prosthetics, and also those men, suffering from PTSD. At the same time ignoring or even pretending not to notice at all those defenders of Ukraine left “behind the stage”- the most gravely wounded soldiers, almost paralysed, suffering from gun-shot injures of brain (TBI) and spinal cord (SCI). Though, they had also been fighting for Ukraine and merit as much attention and praise as all other brave warriors!

However, these men remain just statistics figures, since they could not be heard by society due to their grave health condition, as presumed, too grave and risky to live at all.

At the same time true patriots, unlike “quasi patriots in vyshyvankas”, unite in and around Ukraine, do their utmost to funnel in material and spiritual resources, sharing information about the real possibilities available in Ukraine to have wounded soldiers be treated and restored in their Homeland, in line with the most advanced rehabilitation practical experience in the world. At the same time those “pseudo-patriots” keep crying that there is nothing, neither doctors, nor knowledge, nor infrastructure required to heal battle injuries in Ukraine, praising foreign clinics and military hospitals. Doing this, they continue to distort the real state of things in this field of Ukrainian medicine. While, we prove that the best results in treatment and rehabilitation of gravely wounded men ( with TBI and SCI) can be attained in Ukraine, at Nodus.

And we all witness it today, as our brave Heroes show us the TRIUMPH of SPIRIT, as they have overcome their illness& disability, the TRIUMPH of FORCE, as they have not become fragile shadows of men, the TRIUMPH of the NATIONAL DIGNITY, as we have all together not left them behind, but brought back to Life in the Homeland, the TRIUMPH of JUSTICE, as they have declared loudly: “WE ARE!! We are alive, capable of living and can, as all other, to live at full and attend and participate in festivities and social events, like this bikes’ marathon, despite being wounded and maimed.

Have a look at this incredible event!


I would like to express my gratitude to our friends from MOTOHELP, the Red Cross team, the Road Police of Brovary, BROBIKES workshop, citizens and guests and the Mayor of the city of Brovary, and this event organizers for your active support of the Nodus team, for your believe in our invincible brave participants, as you all have created and offered the possibilities and appropriate itinerary to ride the distance.

At conclusion, I wish to say to those, who had promised to come and failed to do this:



Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців