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Oksana Zymenko

Head of the department of kinesitherapy and hydrotherapy of the health and rehabilitation unit, physical therapist

Certificates and Awards

2005 – 2007 – Kyiv City Medical College №4. Received a Diploma of a Medical Assistant

2007 – 2015 – Acute Care Unit for Newborns in the Children’s Cardiology & Cardio-surgery Centre

2009 – 2014 – the International scientific-technical university named after Bugay, the Department of Physical Reabilitation. Received a Diploma of a Specialist.

2010 – took part in the Experience Exchange program at the Children's Clinic (Seattle, USA) and the Institute of Pediatrics (Cleveland, USA). Obtained a Certificate.

2012 – completed a professional development course on Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine

Oksana Zymenko was recognized as the Best Exercise Therapy Instructor at Nodus in 2016, according to the results of the comprehensive questioning of patients at the center, an analysis of the exercise therapy & massage instructors activities for 2016, based on the results of personal production efficiency, medical loyalty to the Nodus clinic, as well as criteria for assessing professionalism in accordance with official, functional and corporate terms. 

Since April 2015 - a physical therapist, the Head of the Kinesiotherapy & Hydrotherapy Dptm of the Health & Rehabilitation Unit at NODUS the Scientific & Practical Center of Neuro-rehabilitation  

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