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Denys Sholom


Certificates and Awards

2006 - graduated from Kyiv First Medical College, received a Diploma of a Medical Assistant.

2012 - graduated from the National Medical University named after Bogomolets, Kyiv.

2012 - 2014 – passed the internship on Pediatrics

2015 - special training in Children’s Anesthesiology

2016 - special training in Anesthesiology

2005 - 2016 - worked in Kyiv City Centre of Emergency Medicine.

2014 - 2015 - served in the Army of Ukraine.

Since 2015 - works as an anesthetist in Children’s Kyiv City Hospital #7

Since 2016 - works as an anesthetist at NODUS the Scientific & Practical Center of Neuro-rehabilitation

The doctor has experience in working with adults and children providing anesthetic support for pre-surgery preparation of patients in critical and stable conditions, doing intravenous, intramuscular, endotracheal general anesthesia, regional anesthesia. He also works with respiratory anesthesia equipment, defibrillators, monitoring devices. Conducts intensive therapy in patients with polytrauma, acute disorders of blood circulation and respiration. Has practical experience in treating & monitoring grave patients of surgical & somatic profile. Can do puncture of peripheral and central veins.

Донині в Нодусі діє Благодійний проект реабілітаційного лікування поранених в зоні АТО військовослужбовців та добровольців